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Repairing My Son’s Heart (2): Hospital Queen

When our oldest son was in the hospital for his heart surgery (see Repairing My Son’s Heart), my wife and I took turns looking after our baby girl. It turned out, however, that she was looking out for herself most of the time, prancing around the place as if she owned it.

First thing she grabbed the stroller and ran, yes ran with it across the hallways.

Then she grabbed a nurse and forced her onto the floor to play.

I actually think the nurse was happy to have a little break. 

In the playroom she carefully choose the right chair and dragged it all the way to the receptionist’s office…

… just to have a little chat.

And of course, when big brother was coming down from surgery, guess who went along for a ride?

But most importantly, we couldn’t leave the hospital until daddy had taken that goofy looking surgeon’s glove and blown it up like a balloon. 

It’s a good life for a little girl.


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