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It’s a Dog’s Life

My brother Richard’s family lives close to us. The other day his wife and daughter, Marie and Melina, came for a visit – with their three dogs. The first scene that met me was this.

Tibby, on the left, has just had a leg surgery. “But Lucy… what’s your excuse?”

Clara set herself up for a wet dog kiss.

But on second thought…

“Is that dog breath I smell?”

“This little one seems safer!”

Marie agrees.

All this love made Lucy a very happy dog. (It doesn’t take a lot to make them happy, does it?)

I believe I have posted some serious questions on my blog, but here’s a totally irrelevant one that stuck to my head (for a few seconds): what’s it like to be a dog? I mean, a dog’s life, is it care free, or stress filled like ours? And what about this: what’s the real reason people get dogs? I always wonder about that whenever I see a dog as handbag accessory (note: not these above).

Well, if you have absolutely nothing better to do you may answer. Otherwise, get back to work! I don’t want your boss barking at you!

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