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Have I Messed Up My Kids?

“Dad, do you always have to bring that camera?” Haven’t I heard those words a thousand times?

“Yes, my son, I do!” I said patronisingly, “and one day you’ll thank me for doing you this favor! Just get up there and enjoy yourself!”

Both of my sons knew the drill. When dad takes up that big lens, that’s the signal. We were at Church, with all of the Primary (“Sunday school”) children practicing for their annual presentation at worship service. My boys got up on the stand with the rest, and after a few minutes when they spotted me, they cranked up their smiles. Can you guess who they are?


That’s nice, I thought. But I just wanted a “situation” shot. I tried to discretely signal to them to pretend I wasn’t there – and to just look normal! They both nodded. Good, they understood. Then my finger reaches the shutter, and I have a nice image in the view finder. But right as I press down…


Thanks, guys!I got the “stupid” look instead. They have been practicing on that one more frequently, most likely in protest to what they view as my exaggerated photographic zeal.

I just laughed. Poor kids, I have really messed them up, haven’t I?

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