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August 2008 Overview

August is back-to-work-month. And there’s been a lot of that! I’ve been swamped in extra work, trying to get ready for the school start, thus leaving little time for blogging. And the Wednesday Family Columns are also stealing some of that extra time from blogging – but I post those texts here, anyway, for those interested in reading.

COLUMNS A Ten-year-old Environmental Activist – How my son goes green. A Day at Kolmården – Funny stuff from Sweden’s best animal park. Wonderful Experiments – Experiences from a Science Park. Per Herrey Turns Fifty – A tribute to a brother.

BLOG POSTS Best Answering Message – Fun and serious about parent responsibility. Going Through Hell – A Disney motivation to keep going. Going Through Heaven – Clarifying that I’m not “going through hell”. Trying to Please Everyone – We can try… but it won’t work! Her First Idol – This month’s cutest photos.

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Live well! Louis

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