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July 2008 Overview

July has been a rather quiet month. I’ve noticed that there has been little action on the blogosphere. Less people are reading, and less are writing. No wonder, it’s vacation time! I also have had little time – and energy, to be honest, to write daily. I’m happy to have done something weekly.

COLUMNS The main blogs posts this month have been copies of the Columns I have started to write för Länstidningen (LT), our county newspaper. The editors have asked me to write about anything I want, but trying to always relate my thoughts somehow to the family. In that sense it is a Family Column. It’s a bit of a challange, especially time wise, but I’m very glad for the experience.

Here are the Columns – which you also can find under WRITINGS – and some reasons why they could be read.

Crazy About Berries If you love berries. Caged Animals If you love animals. A Father Without a Family The most thought provoking. The Illogical Logic of Men The funniest, if you like to know how men think – or don’t think. Joy of Living The most positive.

OTHER POSTS The Deer Haven Photos from walking in the park. Life Explained Some Male/Female humor. Male and Female Shopping Habbits More Male/Female humor. Animal Goes Serene My favorite character from the Muppet Show finds peace within.

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