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December 2008 Overview

A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! Another month has gone by, and with it another year. I hope it’s been a good one for all of you, and that you can take the accumulated positive energy with you into 2009, and make this your best year ever! For those who missed it, here’s our Family Christmas Card 2008.

ARTICLE For the first time I was interview by a magazine (net version), not because of my singing, nor activity in the LDS Church, but because of my photographs. Here is Kamera&Bild’s article: Photo: A Way to Enjoy Life

LDS CHURCH In the beginning of the month, Elder Joseph B Wirthlin passed away. He was one of my heroes. Read a tribute to a modern-day apostle, Elder Joseph B Wirthlin

COLUMNS New Year’s Promise What we want to do better in 2009. Peace at Christmas Things that bring peace, especially preparation. Back to Arlanda Airport The exciting part 2 of An Embarrassing Dad. Communication, part 2 More things I learned from talking to Clara.

PHOTO STORIES Baking and Stealing Fun photo story with Clara playing the villain. Guess the Santa Can you tell who plays Santa this year? Christmas Angels One beautiful Lucia, and two Santa’s helpers. Having nothing to do is fun …and it doesn’t have to cost anything. What a Bugger! Something is caught in Clara’s nose.

POLL Most Popular Search Term What are we really interested in? Poll result The result of what we are mostly interested in. (Very interesting!)

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