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January 2009 Overview

I have done a little of everything this month. But my main concern has been to complete the framework of the MOTIVATION page. I have now finally gone through every single blog post and catagorised them. The page is not quite finished but if you click on it I think you will get the general idea.

COLUMNS Opportunity is the Blessing (2) It’s the chances we get each day – the opportunities – that are the greatest of blessings. Things I learned on a Black Piste Overcoming fear. Finding Your Smile A son who goes from screaming to smiling.

BLOGS The Healing Power of Forgiveness This month’s most important message! Help the Porn Industry? A  most stupid, ignorant, and evil proposal.

PHOTO BLOGS A New Day Experiencing a breathtaking sunrise. Photos: Sunrise/sunset A collection of beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Let your Light Shine A full moon and some clouds. Photos: Landscapes A few shots of different landscapes. Swedish Meatballs Klick here if you want to taste some real meatballs.

VIDEO BLOGS Stand Still! Importance of pushing the pause button of our lives. Nella Fantasia Heavenly music by Celtic Woman. Pulling a Tooth Very funny short film about my son Isak pulling his tooth. The Laughing Quadruplets Laughing is contageous. This is sooo cute.

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