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A Gift from the Heart

Our family has adopted a special Christmas tradition that I guess could be blended with New Years resolutions. After all the presents were opened, stomachs stuffed with goodies, and the general noise level subdued, the attention rate of our children was a lot better after than before Santa’s arrival. Since timing is everything with kids, that’s when we hit ’em with the nativity story in Luke, chapter 2, after which we talked about the wonders of that first Christmas.

We always end this discussion with thoughts about gifts. Real gifts. Just as the wise men came to honor the newborn Saviour with precious gifts, there are gifts we also can give to Him. But these packages are not hard or soft, nor can they be purchased with dollars. They have to make a real difference. Although these are gifts written as simple words on a piece of paper, they are stuck in the chambers of the heart, hopefully forever.

I did search my heart carefully this time. What would be my greatest gift to Him this year? I didn’t need long to think; I’ve known it for some time: Patience. In the past I have always seen myself as one with much patience, but during the last few years it has started to slip from me. And I want it back! I’m not myself without it, and my family needs a father and a husband who will cherish that virtue better than he has lately.

I wrote the word down on a note, just like the others did, and we put them all in a wooden box which my two sons placed underneath the Christmas tree. Lord Jesus… here is our gift.

Happy New Year! (Make it a good one!)

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