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Out in the Fields

Just before the sun was about to set I asked Isak if he wanted to go and find some deer and take pictures. I told him about this place where I’ve seen them hang out. “Sure,” he said, “but I want to take the pictures.” (Click on images to enlarge)

And so he did. This one is taken by Isak, of the only deer we could find. Then it took off into the forest.

But we didn’t feel like going home yet, so went out into a neighboring field to greet the local farmer.

Isak look on as the tractor turns…

but start to run as some seagull get near.

Here he is coming back. There is something about this shot I like. But its not the dust nor the impressive tractor. It’s the cool focus of the farmer, keeping his eyes forward, driving in a straight line. He knows exactly what he is doing. He probably tended this soil for a better part of his life. It struck me that I, and thousand with me, are enjoying the fruits of this man’s labors. When’s the last time I thanked my friendly neighborhood farmer? “Thanks friend!”

“It’s my pleasure!” [He waves to us]

Mmmm… What a good life.

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