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We live in a blog world. And it’s getting more “bloggier” by the day. Thousands are each day registering new blogs, and raising their voices. Some of these voices you wish you’d never heard, but… there are some who actually have something good to say, believe it or not, and we’d do well to bookmark their site.

Now and then I will copy links to some of those blog sites that I think are worth while reading. They are of the “feel good” kind, promoting a good life. The first one is My Voice. It is written by Linda, a mother of three boys, from Norway. She recently set up her blog, and is just getting started, so you’ll see many great post from her (sorry Linda, I’m putting the pressure on 🙂 ) She’s a talented writer, has great thoughts, and takes lovely pictures. Just click on the photo to visit her site.

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