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Sorry… again!

Those of you who have tuned in the last couple of days must have been really confused. Just want you to know, I am still getting to know this new theme a little better, and I have not yet decided how the layout should be in all cases. In part it has to do with some technical difficulties, but also that I simply need to “feel” my way forward. I have tried a few things, for example, that I didn’t feel 100 % about (and if I dont’ feel 100 % I don’t do it!).

One choice I have made, however – and I may ask your oppinion on this – is to have a “clean” header. This is partly symbolic also, because it puts the image in focus, which is a big deal on this site, as you know.

In the middle of all this I have also had the stomach flue (or I actually suspect food poisoning) so I haven’t been up to par, to say the least. But I’m back on my feet again.

Anyway… just asking for a little more patience. I’ll let you know when I’m done (which is never… but… you know what I mean).

Live well! Louis

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