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Big Pictures and Sacrifices

I had a tricky lesson recently. The text was taken from the first half of Leviticus (Old Testament), and dealt a great deal with the sacrificial offerings the Israelites were commanded to perform. Understandably, some of the students were… how shall we put it… a bit nauseated by the description of these offerings; blood sprinkled on the altar and intestines being cleaned, etc, didn’t appeal to all students. For these reasons I tried to minimize those part, so as not to gear our focus in the wrong direction.

Because the true focus should be on the big picture: Jesus Christ. If we, like many of the Israelites, get caught up in the details we might miss the crucial point: that all the ancient sacrifices constituted one great symbol, that of remembrance of our Lord, Jesus Christ; that our hearts and minds are locked in focus toward Him who gave all that we might have life.

Both the Bible and Book of Mormon are clear on the matter. The law of Moses, with all its ordinances, was “pointing to that great and last sacrifice… the Son of God” (Alma 34:14). Thus the law became our “schoolmaster to bring us to Christ” (Galatians 3:24).

His is the only life-giving blood. He gave it freely. That was His gift, personally to each one of us. In return we give our life as a personal sacrifice, and devote time, energy, and resources in serving our fellow men. That is what we are here for.

The morning after the lesson I took a stroll with my baby girl. I had my camera at hand and also took some photos. I’d like to show two of them here, just to illustrate the above.

Normally I enjoy details in photos… but not here. The birds have left a mess on this dock.


If I would have left now, not taken this other image, then I would have withheld the big picture from you – the one giving you real perspective.


So it is with our faith: There may be things that seem awkward when viewed out of context, but I assure that everything has its place if we broaden our understanding, looking at the big picture.

Honestly, isn’t this a better view?

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