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Baby Born with Two Faces

Do you ever seize to be amazed? In India a baby girl, Lali, was born with two faces, a very rare condition knowns as craniofacial duplication. When I saw this photo I thought, “Oh no! Poor child. Poor family. How will they ever survive this enormous trail?” But then I read the article in the Chicago Tribune. I was simply awestruck. Instead of feeling “cursed” by God (or the gods), this family actually feels blessed, even believing the child to be the reincarnation of a Hindu goddess. They plan to build a temple in her honor, and people are visiting them every day bringing gifts and money. Their poor little village is now known all across the world. The other blessing is that the girl actually is doing well physically. Her parents say Lali is fine, just like any other child.

Naturally, life will be become more and more difficult for the girl as she grows up, but I am still impressed how this family has taken on this seemingly impossible challenge and turned it around; they only see their child as a blessing for the family, nothing else. Talk about a positive outlook. I hope the grace of God will continue to wrap its arms around little Lali – especially in the years ahead.

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