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Young Photographer

Found this picture in my files. I had myself a great laugh. It comes from an old music and teen magazine, OKEJ. I had forgotten that this shot was taken, so it was a positive surprise. I was seventeen at the time and had just won the Eurovision Song Contest with my brothers in 1984.  I was young and cute then. Now I am just cute…

The picture is meant to show one of my hobbies back then. Who could think photography would still be such a big part of my life. The camera wasn’t mine, however. It belonged to the photographer. I noticed it was a Nikon. Sorry all Nikon lovers, I use Canon today. I just like they way it handles noice better. Although I must admit, I wouldn’t have anything against owning the new Nikon D3, a camera that seems to have caught up with Canon on all fronts, including a great noice reduction system. The only problem: it’s a little bit expensive, to say the least. Tell you what, my birthday is in November, so you have time to collect some money. 🙂

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