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What Beats a Bedtime Story?

What beats a bedtime story? How about four bedtime stories?

My sons kidnapped me! They wouldn’t let me go. I started with one story (which was our deal), then a second, just to show them I cared. When my time was up, the little terrorists started pressing me. “You’re not a nice daddy if you leave now”; and “We’re going tell mommy that you…” (well, we’ll skip that part…). “Okay”, I answered with faked authority, “but only one more!” Somehow that one became two.

You know, life is big! The universe with all it’s wonders encircle us. Mankind has reached its height in terms of scientific discoveries. Still we’re just getting started. Technology is entertaining us with gadgets to many to number. At this very moment you are sitting here, surfing the net, reading this blog, looking for information, or searching for some kind of happiness through this miraculous world wide web. (Who would have thought it possible a generation ago?)

Still. With all the depths and heights of our existence on earth, few things we experience can match the wonders of a bedtime story moment. No computers, no television, no loud music. Just person to person. Child to parent. Smile to smile. Heart to heart.

What can beat that?


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