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Snowy Ice

I realized last week  to my great dismay that I had hardly taken any winter photos this year. What a blunder, considering all the snow we have received. So I took the boys with me to down to the water to check out the snowy ice.

It was a beautiful day. Blue skies. Crispy air, but not too cold. We went here, to Öbacken, a small nature reserve close to our home.

I have passed these poles in the water (remains from a broken dock) many times, but never gotten them on film.

Looking out over Hallfjärden, the passage way between the ocean (to the right) and Södertälje and lake Mälaren (to the left – where the boat is coming from).

Okay, I lost the camera to Johannes for a second. What can I do now?

Why not a handstand on the ice?

Isak thought that looked fun, and gave it a shot too. It was a good try, and I love the shadow-play he created.

But he wanted to do better. Perhaps a headstand would be easier?

Yeaaahhh, there you go!!! Looking good!

What else can we do? A sword fight, perhaps?

Looks like Johannes’ got the advantage.

He goes in for the kill.

Rest in peace, Isak!

For some reason, I liked this.

And I just had to take a photo of this boat. I thought the name was very fitting (baksmällan=hangover). If I were this boat, I would probably feel like a hangover myself.

Not to mention this boat. 🙂

More photos tomorrow…

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