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Searching for the Light

I know that Easter is over, but I just have on last thought about these past days.

Whenever Christmas or Easter comes around there is always so much going on… but so little pointing to Jesus Christ, who is (believe it or not) the main reason for these celebrations. I always say that there is so little Christ in Christmas. I’m starting to feel the same way about Easter.

For example, when I searched through the TV guide for programs of Jesus, religion or spirituality, I think I found one program out of hundreds that was remotely close. It was about doubting Thomas, and I watched half of it. Unfortunately, I didn’t particularly enjoy it, because it gave an unorthodox view of Jesus. That only added to my frustration. Not even in a film depicting the resurrection of Jesus it was hard to find the real Christ. Sure, we had found him in Church, and also in our home (see Our Saviour’s love) and that is of course the most important thing. But why, I asked myself, why is He so hard to find “out there” – even at a time like this.

I often go out in nature to feel close to God. The other day I did so again, thinking that if I can’t find the true Light of Jesus in the “world”, maybe I can find it midst God’s creations. So I grabbed my camera and headed out one late afternoon. To make a long experience short, I was out for quite some time, but found nothing – and felt nothing. Then, on my way home, I drove past a place I’ve been to many times. It’s a dark place with lots of trees and shrubbery. I never saw the light reach this spot. Until today. I don’t know if the photo below shows it, but it was amazing. A ray of light from a very low sun struck this place.

I learned two lessons that day. First, if we search for the light we will sooner or later find it. Second, when the light strikes, it shatters the darkness, just like it this photo; believe me, normally this is a very gloomy place, but it actually looks beautiful here. And that’s the point I felt: Whatever Christ shines upon becomes beautiful.

This is what makes it such a beautiful life. A good life.

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