Photos of E.M.D.

This weekend there was the grand opening of the first Limited Too store in Scandinavia, in Skärholmen Mall, just south of Stockholm. Limited Too, that specializes in quality brand girl’s clothing, is well established in the continental US with over 600 stores, but is now breaking in to the Swedish market. It is doing so with the help of my brother, Richard, and his wife, Marie , who are part owners of the franchise here in Sweden.

To help set the stage the newly formed Swedish boy band E.M.D. sang for the visitors. And boy could they sing! Very talented, all three of them. Also very down to earth kind of guys. I enjoyed chatting with them for a few minutes before they sang. Anyway, I took some picture of the whole event, also of these handsome singers.

ClICK HERE for a slide show of E.M.D.


As the host for the opening events, my brother, Richard Herrey, interviews E.M.D’s members, Erik Segerstedt, Mattias Andréasson, and Danny Saucedo.

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