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Mom and Dad

In the past few posts (Gotland: FåröIs this better?) I have shows some photos from Gotland, the big island on our eastern sea border. We were there last month to visit my parents. They are there as missionaries for the LDS church, helping out in the small congregation at Visby.

Gotland is a magical place, and to be there with my parents was truly fun. We don’t get to see them that often, as they have mostly lived in the US in the past years (we have family there as well). But now my children had a chance to spend more time with them during our visit. That was enjoyable for the kids – not to mention their grandparents 🙂

Here the group stands on Högklint, a giant cliff leaning out over the water. Visby is in the background.

Gerd, my mom, strolling through Visby with Isak and Clara.

Clara falling asleep in the botanical garden. This is a beautiful, peaceful place. When my parents were (almost) newlyweds they actually lived in Visby. My dad worked at the local newspaper, and my mom would often take Gil, my oldest sister, who was then a toddler, walking through this very same garden. So Gil, if you see this, that could be you in that stroller. 🙂

Me and mom in one of the many Church ruins in Visby.

Mom with Johannes and Isak.

I think some have seen this already, but it’s a fun shot of my dad, Willy. I told him not to do jump, considering he is almost 80, and has a bad hip, a bad foot, a bad knee… Well, the good news is that he didn’t end up at the hospital. 😉

Isak, dad, and Johannes at Langhammars.

At some old viking graves.

On the southern part of the island we visited some friends of my parents. This lady was very friendly, letting us pet her sheep. It looks like Clara is having tons of fun!

Dad too…

You can’t go to Gotland without looking at all the beautiful rocks. Here Isak is showing grandpa what he found.

Dad is preparing for a talk at Church.

Thanks, mom and dad, for a great visit! Love you much! Louis

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