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Life is a Game

Yesterday Johannes had his first day in school after the heart surgery. He wanted me to go with him, so I took the day off from work and helped him get settled in. It went very well. He was beaming when he saw his class mates again. This will do him a lot of good, I thought.

Today he went by himself, but before I went to work, during the school’s morning break, I went over to there (we live next door) just to see that he was happy. And he was. On the way back I passed Isak and his friends in 1st grade. First Isak ran to me and jumped in my arms, and shouted, “Daaaaady!!!” Then the other kids followed. They immediately asked if I wanted to play a game with them. I smiled, partly because I love to play, but partly because I knew that it won’t take many years before our children will do anything to not have their parents show up on school grounds. How embarrassing! So why not seize the opportunity while it is still there. And work? Well… it could wait twenty more minutes. We played tag and all kinds of games I don’t even know the names of. I haven’t run so much in months. When the bell rang I was all sweaty, but happy still. It was great to be a kid again – if only for a few moments.

So… at our jobs today, let’s step away from our computers and work stations for awhile and run around with our colleagues and play tag. If nothing else, it will put a smile on our faces (seeing how silly we all shall look). But, if we are happier at work, we will work harder and better… right? Maybe even a promotion for a new bill for parliament should be in place here: at least one game per day at every place of employment.

I’ll be the first to vote on it. 🙂

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