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June 2008 Overview

ARTICLES ABOUT FAMILY The start of June was a continuation of the end of May, brought about by my debate article Våga stå upp för familjen (Take a Stand for the Family). There were come counter articles by others, with more replies from me as a result. It’s all summarized in Take a Stand for the Family (3): Summary.

NEW PAGE: WRITINGS The other thing I spent some time on was to create WRITINGS, a new page that contain my different publications. It’s not a big stack of texts, but I thought it would practical to have a “gathering place”, hopefully making it easier for the reader. There are three different types of writings in this page: Betraktelser (Reflections), Debattartiklar (Debate articles), and Krönikor (Culumns). All of these texts have been published in Swedish, but can be translated by using Google translation.

POSTS Most motivational: Du är bra som du är (You are good just the way you are) Most spiritual: Den som älskar Gud känner Gud (The one who loves God knows God) Christlike service: Underlåtenhetens synd (The sin om omission), Den rätta fastan (Fasting in the right way) Important message: Motståndare avlöjas när tron försvaras. A long post, but I felt it very important to defend my faith against some shady methods and arguments of an anti-mormon. Useful quotes: Be Independent Enjoyable experience: Warsaw Zoo Crazy comment: Dependent on Electricity Cutest family photos: Go Sweden (1) and Go Sweden (3) Best animal photo: Bear Cutest animal photo: Meerkats Funny video: Animal “Fever”. You have to love this guy!

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Have great July! Brother Louis

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