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Journey: Never Walk Away

Never Walk Away is one of Journey’s newest songs, from the recent Revelation CD. It’s a feel-good song that grows on you the more you listen to it. It has become my favorite driving-in-my-car-songs. Clara loves it too.

Mostly I appreciate how the phrase “Never Walk Away” has caught the attention of my senses. The song is about sticking with the one you have given your heart and promise to:

“Love’s a promise that he made. In his heart it still remains Don’t give up. Never Walk Away.”

But the phrase has also helped me when faced with challenges I almost backed away from. Then I would remind myself: you never walk away! And if by chance I would still be in doubt, I would just listen to the song again, and straight away get on the right track. (Isn’t the power of music wonderful!)

Here’s a live version of the song. Enjoy!

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