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A Real Christmas Card

I know I posted a different Christmas card earlier, but I (and the family) can’t help sending this second one (with a photo by courtesy of the Nativity Story, a motion picture from 2006). To me this photo is amazing. I am filled with so many thoughts and emotions when looking at it. I don’t even know where to start – so just feast your eyes on it and let yourself go.


In the past weeks I have met many people in different circumstances. Most of them are more or less stressed by the hustle and bustle of the upcoming Christmas celebration. Personally, I have always loved Christmas. But sadly, as the years have passed by so has also the spirit of Christmas started to pass us by. The reason is obvious, of course: We have removed Christ from Christmas. What we (or our children) want has become more important than what we can give. Hence, we’re missing the whole point.

So let’s bring Him back! Let us talk more about His life and deeds. I promise, this will inspire us to move forward in love toward all fellow men. If we, every one, would follow His word… well, do I even need to say what kind of world we could live in. It would be true Christmas every day! Jesus Christ is not just some mythical legend with a nice story. He is real! In one statement, this means He brings real meaning to our lives.

Take care of one another,


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