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Why a Prophet? (1)

Those of you not of my faith might have to exercise a little patience this week, as I, and many with me, use much blog space to honor our prophet, Gordon B Hinckley, who just left us. Having said that, I don’t want to excuse myself from writing what I think needs to be said. (After all you are here of your own free will – for which I thank you.)

My soul rejoiceth that we in this day and age are privileged to hear the word of God, straight and clear, from a living prophet. No if’s or but’s; no consideration for populism or cultural and political trends; just the plain truth to help us live happier lives. This is one of the teachings that sets this Church apart from many others, the claim that God speaks again to the world through a prophet, just as He has done throughout all ages of time.

Think about it! If you believe that God exists, then why would He not guide us today as in times past. Does He love us any less? No. He wouldn’t be God then. He couldn’t! What then, do we need Him any less today? Certainly not! If there were ever a time when we need the care of a loving Heavenly Father, wouldn’t it be today? Ask your heart, it will confirm to you I am speaking truthfully.

I am so grateful for the beautiful comments made on my last post, President Gordon B Hinckley has passed away. I invite you to read them. I want to quote a paragraph from Ann Holbrook who wrote:

“My Father-in-law said, ‘I’m so grateful for the knowledge that the kingdom moves on. Nothing will stop it. We will now have the privilege in our life times of being lead in new ways by others who will be equally inspired and visionary. The Savior is the head of His Church.’ “

This is what it’s all about: “The Kingdom moves on.” The Lord will call new servants. A new prophet will say: “Thus saith the Lord…” God will still stand by us and teach His word; He will not leave us on our own. Some might object to this and say that it is enough that God has left us with the Bible and Holy Spirit to guide us. My comment to this is: Surely it is true that the Bible is God’s word, and that without the guidance of the Holy Spirit we are lost.

But although all things are a part of a symmetric whole, the guidance of the Spirit and that of the prophet must be seen as two different, yet complimentary blessings. Each individual on earth has the right to the companionship of the Holy Spirit, which is manifested in personal revelation and daily inspiration. (You probably know what I am talking about, because surely you have felt this God-given inspiration many times in your life.) The prophet, on the other hand, speaks the will of God, not just to the individual, but collectively to all the peoples of the world. He acts as God’s representative on earth for leaders of nations as well as for the smallest of children. His is the voice that invites all to come unto Christ, not just those “predestined” to be saved (as some falsely teach). He tells the world that with God’s help we can all “stand a little taller”, as President Hinckley always said; that we can be a little bit better in all aspects of life; as parents, children, and community members we can spread the love of Christ to everyone. This is our duty to God and to ourselves, because when you think deep down inside, you also know it is the only cure for this weary, old world.

If there is anything that Gordon B Hinckley has left me, it is just that: the inspiration and desire to stand a little taller, through the grace and love of His Son, Jesus Christ, the only one who can heal our souls . That’s why I was touched by this video I saw today. I don’t think it’s the real name, but I have named it…


Part 2 of this topic coming soon…

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