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The Journey is the Reward

Why do we rush through our lives, as if we were in a hurry to get somewhere? Take me anywhere, just not to here! Why so? Sure, I am the first to admit that goals are important in life, but if we don’t take time to look around and enjoy the journey our goals will loose their effect; they are to make us happy now. Today. That is why I like this simple Chinese proverb:

“The Journey is the Reward”

If we enjoy our journey our lives gain meaning. It’s as simple as that. Let’s not think that the only important thing is that celestial glory which awaits us some time faaaaar in the future. Seeing how wonderful this life is, here and now, lets us experience the sparking of that celestial flame in a hearts already today.

A lone driver in an old American car on an old Sweden road, driving slowly. I bet he’s enjoying it!

Enjoy your day!


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