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The Deer Haven

We have not had good summer weather in Sweden this year. So I tried to catch a warm, summer spirit by looking at some photos from when it was really nice and hot. I found these ones. They are actually from the end of May – so far the nicest part of the whole “summer”. One Saturday we took a walk in a huge park, kind of like a nature reserve, called Hjorthagen (The Deer Haven). It’s in Mariefred, close to where we live. A beautiful place.

Have you thought about how clouds often add a bit of drama to a photo?

It’s snowing from the tree!

And under the next tree some deer are hiding from the sun… and me.

Johannes looked up in the sky – as he always does – and saw this plane. He took the picture as well.

Some more beautiful trees.

… with more deer hiding underneath.

The youngest ones walking through a field of dandelions.


Down by the water. Clara always uses my head as a drum. (It sounds really good too – cause it’s so hollow 😉 )

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