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Spending Money You Don’t Have (2)

Thanks to those of you who wrote great comments to Spending Money You Don’t Have. (If the rest of you have the time please take a minute and read those remarks.) I think we can all agree that this is a difficult, yet important subject. And we’re all still learning, aren’t we? Speaking for myself, I know I understand the principle more or less perfectly, but in theory it’s a different matter. Let’s just say that at times I have, like many of you, learned the heard way. But in retrospect, those experiences have been good too – as long as I try to learn from them.

I also wrote a comment to the aforementioned post. It’s too long to post again, but I am summarizing it here with the following thoughts:

The happiest moments in life are not the costliest.

Control your money, or it will control you.

Today’s “standard of living” is not to be synonymously defined as “standard of happiness”.

There are no shortcuts! The only likely positive effect from gambling halls or lottery tickets is a fleeting thrill. But it is just that: fleeting. The sure positive effect from a pay check resulting from honest, hard work is personal satisfaction and lasting joy.

If we fail to balance our budget we face the danger of being pulled overboard into the currents of debt and economic dependency.

Finally, here is a wonderful quote from the talented Garth Brooks:

“Happiness isn’t getting what you want, it’s wanting what you got.”

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