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Show Your True Colors

I was captured by some autumn motives today. This is one of them.


When I saw this yellow tree I got what may seem to be a silly thought, but nonetheless…

How does that birch tree feel? I mean, she stands there showing her bright colors, in the middle of everything, sticking out from the rest? Does she feel out of place?

No. It can’t be. Just look at her! See how she stretches towards the sky, how she waves to us with her beautiful color, projecting her branches for all to see.

She wants me to notice her. Here am I, look at me! She shouts it, not because she is proud in thinking she is better than all the other trees, but because she is proud of who she is, and the joy she can give others.

And right now she is moving on. The world around her is clinging to its old ways, but she is taking steps forward, not afraid to change. After all, that’s what her life is all about.

In every way she is showing her true colors.

Are you and I?

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