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President Gordon B Hinckley has passed away

The saddest news just reached me: Our beloved prophet, Gordon B Hinckley, has left us at age 97. For twelve years he has been the most exemplary leader for the Church, and he will be missed. Here is the full story:

On hearing the news my first instinct made me just kneel and thank God for letting us have president Hinckley with us for so many years. Words cannot describe how much he has touched the hearts of millions, including my own. I hope we can build upon the legacy he left behind.

In this state of mixed emotions I shed a lot of tears; I am sad, and feel a great void, because of his passing; but there are also tears of gratitude for what he has accomplished, and also happiness that he now has come home to God, and will be able to meet his dear companion, Marjorie, again. That is my faith and my conviction.Our Prophet, Gordon B Hinckley, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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