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Photos: The Moon

I was sitting in my office two weeks ago, doing some last minute work, when I got a text message from one of my Danish readers: “Check out the moon!” But from where I was sitting I didn’t see any moon, besides… even if I wanted to, I didn’t have time to take photos anyway. One minute later my wife calls: “Have you seen the moon?! You have to take some pictures!” Coming from Angelica it must be something special, because normally her questions are frazed a little differently: “Oh, do you have to take more pictures now?”

What to do? This is often my dilemma; there are so many opportunities to captures magical moments on camera, but not enough time to do it. Ask my family members. They can vouch for how increadibly frustrated I can get when I miss my “chances”.

I made a choice, however, to continue working after all. And I kept that up for… about two minutes. That was all I could stand. I just had to get out there! Besides, now I couldn’t consentrate anyway, and I was almost getting sick thinking about the missed opportunity ahead. (Maybe I need to seek some help.)

So I jumped in the car and hurried home, grabbed my camera bag, said “hello and goodbye” to my family, and headed out. Unfortunately, I was too late to catch the marvelous harvest moon (when it comes up over the horizon), but here are some other photos.

It was cold outside and I didn’t take time to bring warm clothes. But even if I was freezing my fingers off, it was still worth it. I haven’t really taken moon photos before, so this was a new and fun experience, something I’ll have to do again.

Live well.


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