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Let Your Light Shine

Last full moon I went out for an evening walk. I knew there was a moon out there, bright and sparkling. The only problem was that it was concealed by dark clouds. But then it happened. The clouds dispersed for a second or two. I quickly positioned my camera and took this shot. Then the moon was hidden again.


That it got dark again didn’t bother me all that much. The reason wasn’t that I now had my photo (I would have liked to take more shots), but it just felt good to have experienced the light. It made me feel warm, even long after it was gone.

I thought about how good it feels to be touched by the light of another person, not to mention the light of Christ. It may only come in flashes, for a few moments, but the influence stays with us long after we’ve felt its inspiring rays. And when we hang on to that feeling it triggers a desire within ourselves to be a light also for others.

So today’s thought is: Soak up all the light you can from the good Lord and others that show you a good example. Then go and do likewise.

You have a light within. When was the last time you let it shine for someone else?

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