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Isak’s Baptism

When Johannes was baptized three years ago, Isak was watching with great interest. But when I asked him after the services if he also would like to be baptized one day, he answered: “Oh, no… I don’t want to get wet like Johannes.” But then he thought for a second, and added: “But if I’ll ever let anyone baptize me… it’ll be you, dad!”

Lately his excitement has grown to its fullest because of the upcoming baptism. It’s been a special treat just to watch him, seeing a boy who acts like Christmas is just around the corner. He has constantly been saying things like: “Soon it’s time!” or “I can’t wait!” But it’s not presents he’s been waiting for. About a week ago he had written this note for himself, and pinned it above his desk. It says: “I love my hevenly Fathe vary mush and (heart)”. We’ve noticed in just a short time how spiritually mindful he has become. Of course, he is still your standard boy who loves to play and perform crazy pranks. But yet… there is something different.

My wife and I have been very careful not to manipulate any of our children into getting baptized. Although most active LDS Christians let their children be baptized at age eight (minimum age limit), the children should not be forced in any way. Obviously we have taught the principles of Faith and Baptism in our family, and what it means to follow Christ, but that’s where it stops. The listener then has to make his or her own decision based on personal wishes and feelings of… how shall I put it… inner faith.

The day before his baptism I asked Isak why he wanted to do this. He responded with a sigh: “Ah Dad, you know why!”

“Well, yeah… maybe? But tell me anyway. I’d like to know… again.”

He looked at me and said: “I wanna do it because it’s the right thing to do! And in my life… I want to follow God.”

Wow, it’s that simple, isn’t it? I thought. He’s really got it! What is baptism if not a token of our desire to follow God.

These photos are taken just minutes before the baptism. The moment was very emotional and joyous at the same time (you know the feeling).

A big thank you to all who came and helped make this a memorable occasion for Isak and his family: to family and relatives, Church friends, and class mates to Isak, and their families (that Isak personally invited). You are all appreciated.

And to you, Isak, thanks for letting me have a special part in your baptism. I was truly honored. Your mother and I hold you so dear to our hearts. You are the peace-maker of this family, caring much for those around you. We are so proud of the decision you have made to follow God in your life. We know life won’t always be easy, but we hope you can often look back and gather strength from this moment. God cares for you. And He will never leave you. Never forget that.

Love, Dad

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