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Elvis is Alive!

As I was watching a show recently a strange spectacle developed before my eyes.

I saw a man appear out of nowhere wearing this very familiar cape.

He grabbed a microphone…

… and started singing. I had heard his voice before.

And that face? Hadn’t I seen that somewhere?

Wait a minute! Could it be…? Can we get another close-up, please!

It’s him! The King! He’s alive!!!

Yepp, it’s him alright!

Or maybe it’s just his ghost? No, it can’t be! That woman is holding his hand. But wait, who’s that in the background?

It looks like…

Three miss Elvises! What!?!

Well… she looks like Elvis… kind of?

But halloooo! What’s this? Another one?

And another? Stop it!!!

And anoth… Hey! Who let Wolverine in here?

Can someone please pinch me and wake me up!

Show’s over ? Hmm… thanks! That was… interesting.

“Thank you, Elvis!” “No, Elvis, thank you!” “Elvis, you are truly great!” “Well, I would be nothing without you, Elvis.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the Elvises have left the building.

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