Colosseum by Night

I had never been to Rome before. And not until I got there did I know what I had been missing. What a place! No city can be compared to it,   culturally, historically, religiously or artistically. This  means that you need at least a whole week to be able see everything. I didn’t have that, since most of my time there was spent at a conference – a very good one, by the way – but I was pleased to catch a few moments here and there to run into the city (and I was literally running) and take some photos.

Here are some night shots of the fabulous and dreadful Colosseum.

This last photo almost cost me my life… sort of.  As you can see I was standing in the middle of the street. And the Italian drivers weren’t so patient with me, especially the scooterists actually. They were the most angry ones, cussing and shouting when passing by. And of course, they drove as close as they could, just to make a statement. Kind of fun…

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