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Angel turns Thief

It seems that there was split “voting” on The Faces of an Angel. Your thoughts, which by the way were very kind, represent pretty much what I feel too: she was so cute in many of the shots, in different ways. Therefore, it’s hard to pick a winner, but if I was force to, I would pick this one, as some of you also did.

But as it turns out, our Angel is not always who she appears to be. I was acting Paparazzi the other day, and look what I discovered at the end of my lens.

Clara: Hmm… I would sure like to play with those marbles.

Clara: “Isak, can I play too?” Isak: “Just wait a second, okay!”

Clara: Wow! This bag is full of them!

Clara: Okay… he’s looking away. I’ll just grab this little string here, and…

Clara: Dam-di-du-di-doh… quietly we go… Isak: “What in the…?

Isak: “Oh, no you don’t!” Clara: “No, no, no, no…nooooo!”

Louis: “Maybe she wouldn’t do that if you let her play with you?” Isak: “But we we’re just in the middle of a game!”

Back to the game area. Clara: “Mask? [This is what she calls our neighbor, Max.] Can I have a marble from you?

Max: “Sure, let me get one from my box.” Clara: “Really! Oh, thank you!”

Max: “Here you go!”

Clara: “Thank you, Mask! At least there is one nice person here…”

What lessons can we learn from this? Don’t steal? Of course, this is fundamental. But maybe also: if the rich would share some of their wealth with the poor, maybe the poor wouldn’t be forced to steal.

Reader: “Ah, you’re just saying that to defend Clara.” Louis: “Why, yes… of course. After all… she is my angel!”

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