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A Wife in New York

This is my wife, Angelica. It’s six o’clock in the morning. She’s happy… but in a hurry. That’s why she’s eating breakfast standing up. Cause she has to run off and do some shopping… in New York. (As a footnote, since this photo has now entered the global internet sphere, my wife would probably want everyone to understand that this old and stained sweater she’s wearing is only used for traveling, and will quickly be disposed of as soon as she buys something new.)

This is our friend, Marie, with Angelica. It’s partly her fault that my wife is now on her way to the US on a shopping trip. She’s the fixer and organizer (and a wonderful cook, by the way: Marie’s blog)

And here is the third member of the traveling party, our dear “little sister” Matilda. They are now about to embark on a one hour trip to the airport – where Pernilla, a fourth friend will meet up – in this old Corsa. Normally, I have nothing against Opel Corsa´s, but this one happens to have a bad start-up engine. They will probably get to the airport, but coming back they most likely will have to push the car. (If you read this girls, just call me if you need any help… he, he.)

This is goodbye. When I first heard of this shopping trip, I was wondering about the cost, etc. But with the low dollar rate and better outlet prices in the US, we will stock up on clothes and toys that’ll last us a long time, for a lower cost than here in Sweden, even counting the airfare. So I was glad to send Angelica off on this fun adventure. She really deserves to get away. This will be her first trip alone without her family.

But it’s interesting, the last week has been bordering on the hysterical, with all her preparations: the millions of phone calls to her girlfriends; the endless jabbering about the trip; and the constant and exaggerated repetition of instructions on how to tend home and kids while she’s away. Sometimes I have been more anxious for her to leave than she has 🙂

But now, as I waved goodbye and saw her drive off, I couldn’t hold back the tears. I know the kids and I will be alright, and we’ll have lots of fun (I promised them we could bake every day, cause we don’t have to worry about making a mess now that mom is away)… but a part of me felt alone.

Love is a strange thing.

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