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Winter at last

We had a little snow in the beginning of December, but basically it’s been a gray and wet winter here in Södertälje. But while everyone seems to long for summer, I have been longing for a real winter – with snow in abundance. And what do you know, Sunday night it came. The whole family was going nuts with joy, and of course we spent much of the evening outside, playing in the snow.

After I had put the children to bed I told Angelica I wanted to go out again for a walk and take some photos. “I’ll just be 20 minutes,” I said. Three hours later, at midnight, I came back. I couldn’t help myself. It was such a magical evening.


Here’s the bus stop (with a bus on the roll) outside our home. Look how everything looks beautiful in snow-white.


Everything is beautiful dressed in snow, the trees and branches…


…even the cars.


A lot of the time was actually spent inside this forest, where it was just too dark for photos. But it was a magical experience walking alone among mounds of snow and tight clusters of trees. (Maybe I’ll expand on that another time.)


Here I am walking home. Only one car passed me. You can see it’s tail light.


Almost home. Another bus, the last one of the day rolls in…


…and rolls out.

Be happy. L

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