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Warsaw Zoo

Recently, when I was working in Warsaw, I stayed an extra day so I could take Johannes to the city’s beautiful Zoo. My son had come with me on this occasion, his first time in Poland. He loved the trip, and it gave us an opportunity to spend some quality time together.

But… about this Zoo thing, we both had some doubts. The thought of keeping wild animals locked up is not very appealing – and I would assume the animals agree. Yes, there are probably a few things good about a few wild parks, but on the whole I feel sorry for the animals who have to “smile” for us noisy humans, with our big SLR cameras, clicking away hundreds of shots for our private collections.

If there is anything positive in such a visit, it might be that you can acquire a deeper sense of respect for nature and its beautiful creatures. Maybe that thought can help us treat all living things with greater dignity. Just a thought…

Here is a gallery of animal portraits, a little selection from the Zoo. Our favorite is the bear. The cheetah shot is Johannes’ photo. The shirtless man had just been swimming around in the elephant’s “tub”, cleaning it. He was pretty cool, so he got a photo o his own.

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