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Take Control (3): Be a Friend

Today I just want to summarize my thoughts with two connecting ideas. When followed, I think they will be a huge factor of our progress, helping us get real control in life.

Surround yourself with people that lift you up You need friends in life, friends who can support your dreams, friends who will love you and stick by you, despite your faults. We have to choose these friends carefully. Sometimes we just hang out with the wrong crowd, with people who pull us down rather than inspire us. Sure, there may persons who are “fun” to be around, but two questions are important to ask ourselves: Do they share my values in life? And I am a better person because of them? If the answer is no – move on!

On the road of life we need friends we can depend on.

Be the one who lifts others But on the road of life we also need to be the kind of person that others can depend on. What we give others can’t be any different than what we expect from them (the golden rule, you know). In other words, if I want good friends, I have to be a good friend.

Am I a person that others can lean on?

Unlike what society and media are telling us, giving is better than receiving. We need to get away from our self-centered way of thinking that I, me, and myself always come first. We are fooled to think that this is the best way to happiness. It’s actually the opposite; true happiness is gained by giving of ourselves to others.

Be happy (and stay in control) – be a good friend!

Your friend, Louis

Note: The pictures are taken from the CES study convention mentioned in part 1

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