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Sebastian and Eva Married

My nephew Sebastian Herrey (Per’s son) was married yesterday to his Eva. I can’t believe it! I remember it like it was yesterday when Sebastian was born. To see him grow up has been a great experience, from boyhood to manhood. I’ve grown to love and admire him a lot. And Eva is such a pleasant and beautiful person too. It was a happy occasion indeed. What a beautiful couple! They had a great photographer in place, but you know me… I just had to take just a few shots of my own.

They were married in the Copenhagen Tempel (closest to where they live). Although not a requirement for couples in the LDS Church to marry in a tempel, most choose to do so. For us, it’s a place of sacred worship and special ordinances, one of wish is eternal marriage, as we call it. It means that a husband and wife are “sealed” to each other for time and eternity, and not only ” ’til death do you part”. Looking at the photo above, it feels like forever doesn’t it?

This is actually my own favorite. I just love the “moment” of the couple and their mothers.

Below are are a few more photos, mostly in black and white. (Sorry, some doubles popped up) Warmest wishes to the bride and groom, from uncle Louis

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