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Poll result of Most Popular Search Term

As seen on Most Popular Search Term, those of you who voted picked Paris Hilton to be the winner. And you were… CORRECT!!!

That leads me directly to the first question: did you cheat? I mean, how did you know? Among the Sarah Palin’s and Barack Obama’s, who would have thought to place Paris Hilton at the top? (Many apparently.) I’m being cynical now, I know,  but have I missed something? What great accomplishment has she done as to draw so much of our interest to her?

I don’t mean to judge her, it’s not that. I’m sure she’s much like the rest of us, endowed with both good and bad qualities. Still… I think I need someone to explain this to me. Anyone got an idea why people are more interested in miss Hilton than in any other person, even USA’s President Elect. (And even more than Jesus, who is not even on any list I saw. That’s an interesting paradox, isn’t it, especially now that we are about to celebrate his birth: we’d rather seek Hilton than Jesus)

What say ye?

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