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Leirdalen (1)

Here are photos from Leirdalen, the beautiful valley we camped at while climbing Galdhöpiggen and doing other activities.

The first four photos are from my cell phone. They are from our very first climb, the one we did just a few minutes after raising our tent. We saw a summit that we wanted to reach – immediately – and off we went.

Johannes at a mountain stream. In “fjällen” you see these everywhere.

And often you don’t even need to bring a water bottle. Drinking cold, pure, mountain glacier water, there’s nothing better. Jehoshua agrees.

Reaching the summit. We got high enough to reach the clouds (the guys are sitting in one). The photo is slightly photoshopped.

Here are three photos of our camp, from different angles.

Our tent is the green one.  It was a tent made for 14 persons. We were 4… and very comfortable.

Same camp, different perspective.

Mattias contemplating by the campsite river one early morning. Later we washed up in these waters. It was ice cold, and when I say ice cold – it was ice cold!!!  The pain was wonderfully intense. The only way to stand it was to scream your head off.

The old bridge leading in to the valley.

Our surrounding mountains, and the above mentioned river.

From another angle, with some old farm houses.

This long mountain stream was just above our camp. It had a fairly big waterfall. For five days I had though about climbing up to it, but I never got the chance…

… until the last day. After I literally had been running up the steep hill I met up with three other hikers.

One of them took this shot. It’s not Rocky, it’s me. But… I felt like Rocky!

More to come…

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