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Is this better?

When visiting Gotland we went to many kids’ favorite place, Kneippbyn. One minute before this photo was taken our boys got completely drenched in a small water fall. Smart, guys!


I was sitting in another boat with Clara. I turned to take her photo. “Are you ready?” I asked

“Okay,” she replied, “take a picture now!” Then she gave me this pose.


Right afterwards she did something she had never done before.

“Dad, can I see the picture?”

“Of course, honey.”

She looked into the display, and thought for a moment. “Hmm… one more, okay?” Clearly she wasn’t satisfied.

“Oh dear, I thought, it’s starting now, the terrible curse of self consciousness.


“Is this better!” she asked. Then I see a beautiful smile.


“Yes, honey,” I sighed, “much better. You are simply beautiful!”

And she is.

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