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Her First Idol

Recently we went to the Medieval Days at Kungälv, outside of Göteborg. After we had eaten some food we heard this great rhythm from the load speakers, follows by what sounded as some kind of bag pipe. Clara and I went to see what was going on.

As you can tell, she was really fascinated by the person on stage. This was her first “concert”, and she was looking at her first “idol”. Should I have been worried?


Lucky for us, it sounded really great. Clara couldn’t stand still. “Common daddy! Let’s dance!”

That we did.

Later on I had a serious talk with her. I told her that when growing up, if she wanted to go to any concert, then dad would have to tag along – just in case. She seemed happy about that. Just remind me to remind her when she turns 15 that she gave me that promise. I’m gonna hold her to it.

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