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Go Sweden! (3)

Or should we write “Go Home Sweden”? This was the last appearance of the nordic vikings in Euro2008. I’m sure our guys did all they could, but tonight Russia was far ahead of them, and won fair and square with 2-0 (and it could have been worse). My father, Willy, came for a visit, and together we did all we could to cheer on our “blue-yellow”, but… maybe they couldn’t hear us so well.

So now what? Shall we lay down and die? No, we still keep our shirts on, happy for an amazing experience, thanking all our talented players, proud (in a good way) to still be Swedes, and now we will cheer on some of the other fantastic teams. As for myself, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Holland. If they keep playing like before they will sweep the floor with all opponents all the way through the finals. But. I liked how Russia played today. Maybe the Russian bear will give Holland a good fight after all in the quarter final. So this football championship is still very much alive, even though Sweden is knocked out. But like they say: “It was fun while it lasted.”

Still a swedeheart…

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