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Galdhöpiggen (1)

The story behind the following photos is found here: Conquering a Mountain

This is the first part of the climb toward the top of Galdhöpiggen, Norway’s (and northern Europe’s) highest mountain, 2469 meters.

We drove up to Juvashytta where we started the four hour ascend to the top. This place is actually a summer ski center, as you see in the background, next to a beautiful glacier lake.

First steps on the glacier snow.

But we had to be careful. There were these “Danger” signs everywhere warning us for holes underneath the snow.

That’s why we had to walk over the largest glacier tied up, in case one of us would drop down. Mattias, Jehoshua, and Johannes.

And up we go…

… toward the top. We could see it now.

On a short pause I took this shot. One of my favorites. 🙂

Here you get a feel for how big this glacier was. You see that little black line at the bottom right. That’s a group of 50 people walking over the snow.

Coming to the first ridge after the glacier. Time for a break…

… and taking off the ropes before starting the last steep climb.

Tomorrow: Reaching the top.

Here are all the photos from this part:

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