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Easter photos

Yes, Easter has passed, but I just wanted to share some photos from last weekend.

The Easter weather was fabulous. The best in years. So we spent a lot of time outside. There we could hear a fantastic chorus of birds singing. They were all around it seemed. But the strange thing was I didn’t see any of them, exept this one. (They were hiding well.)

This one was also trying to hide. I don’t know about you, but I think he’s up to something.

Clara pushing Johannes on the swing.

Isak, our hardrocker.

The kids in our neighborhood get instructions for the egg hunt.

Clara runs off first. Of course… there’s candy in those eggs.

You never get too old for a game like this.

Hey, what’s this?

I’m starting to get so many now. What shall I do with this one?

Hmm… I know someone who will be happy… someone who loves candy as much as I do.

“Happy Easter grandma!” (my mother-in-law)

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