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Cave Exploring

This is the last post from our week’s camp in Norway when we climbed Galdhöpiggen.

Just west of Leirdalen, where we camped, there was a place that the ice age had shaped in an extraordinary way. Johannes is seen in the foreground, looking out over the area.

Here you see how ice and water have cut through this big rock.

But the most exciting thing about this place was all the caves. I wasn’t able to take that many photos, because of the difficulty climbing in most of the caves (I was smashing my camera against everything – not good). But here are a few images. This one shows Jehoshua and Johannes going in to cave #3.

All “my” boys gathered: Mattias, Johannes, and Jehoshua.

This was kind of neat. At the bottom of the cave there was a water pond – with fishes in it.

Mattias going in to cave #6. I am standing on the inside.

Here he is on the way out.

Last photo is of Johannes. I want to try to remember this shot, because in a few years, when Clara is a little bigger, I want to bring the whole family here, and take a new photo of all of them – right here.

Just want to finish by saying that this whole week was amazing. And I can’t wait to get back to this place that God made so beautiful.

Hugs, Louis

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