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Bye Bye Winter (1)

I know what you’re thinking: Why’s this fool showing winter pictures now that spring is here? Well, spring photos are coming as well, I promise, but I just wanted to take a final farewell to winter. These photos below are from the last days of snow that we had. Just wanted to share some…

Clara and I are speeding down the hill. (Isak is the photographer)

Isak and Clara also speeding.


Don’t they have laws against being too cute?

The sun came out and made everything more beautiful. “Let’s go for a walk,” Clara said. That’s what the two of us did while Isak stayed at the slopes.

It turned out that I did most of the walking…

But suddenly Clara gets moving. She sees something in the forest.

While snow is falling from the trees she heads over to a beautiful site.

Wow. We both feel that warm sun.

Spring is on the way.

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