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Baking and Stealing

I forgot about these photos before Christmas. Here is the wife baking a gingerbread house with the kids. But one of them is theiving. You can never guess who?

Clara, Isak and Angelica.

Gotta put the M&M’s on. But something’s wrong with the photo. Shouldn’t there be another kid helping?

“Ah, there you are! What is is you’re sitting there thinking about (as if I didn’t know)? Common, honey, why don’t you take the candy with you and put it on the gingerbread house.”

“Hey you! You can’t eat those!”

“Common, stop that!!! We need those!”

Is it just my kids who only listen when they want to?

“Maybe you should spit some of those out?”

Fat chans, daddy!

“Okay… does Clara want to do some baking instead? Hmm… why do you stare s0 intensely at the dough? You’re not thinking of …?

“Helloooooo!!!”  Stop that!

Now I’m starting to feel annoyed that she’s sooo much like me. I always eat half of the dough myself. I figure it should be proportionally correct: since eating the dough is half the fun of baking, then one should also be aloud to eat half of it!

“You little rascal!” mom says.

The flour spot was put there by Clara. She thinks it should be mandatory when baking.

“Well… a lot of help you were! But I see someone still gave you a cookie as a thank you. But listen, next time maybe we should try to bake more and eat a little less?”

She nods and smiles. Big smile.

Hmm… there’s something about that look I don’t trust. Well, well… even if we have a thief in the family, she’s still a cute thief.

Live well! (As long as you don’t eat to much cookie dough)


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